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Integrated Design Courses

The integrated design courses are designed to prepare you for design-related fields that require knowledge of artistic design, form and function principles, construction methods and business. 

ART 1323 3-D Design
ART 1333 2-D Design
CST 1313 Materials of Construction
CST 2213 Construction Methods I
DRFT 1234 Engineering Graphics I

Visual Arts Elective Emphasis

ART 1303 Drawing I
ART 1313 Design I
ART 2203 Sculpture
DRFT 2343 Design and Production Tech
ART 2603 Prof Practices in Fine Art

Construction Elective Emphasis

CST 2223 Construction Methods II
CST 2413 Estimating
CST 2423 Construction Codes and Regs
CST 2513 Surveying
CST 2523 Project Scheduling

Computer Aided Design Elective Emphasis

DRFT 2253 Architectural Design
DRFT 2293 Computer Aided Manufacturing (Fall)
DRFT 2543 Advanced Parametric Modeling


Technical Certificate in Integrated Design