CRA Coursework

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Coursework listed below offers students further insight of what will be learned throughout the Certified Retail Analyst Program.  

These classes must be taken before the core classes.

  • College Algebra (grade C or better)
  • English Composition I (grade C or better)
  • CRA Intro to Microsoft Office 2013; $500
  • Advanced Excel and Access for Retail; $500

See more information regarding pre-requisites

All classes meet one night a week for 15 weeks from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
All classes are $575 per class.

  • Retail Industry Foundations *
  • Retail Link Data Management *

*May be taken concurrently

  • Retail Supply Chain & Replenishment **
  • Retail Strategic Analysis **

**May be taken concurrently

  • Retail Tools Integration ***
  • Retail Analytical Techniques ***

***May be taken concurrently

  • CRA Intro to MS Office 2013 (First eight weeks online class)
  • Advanced Excel and Access for Retail (Second eight weeks in the classroom, two nights a week)

  • Retail Industry Foundations (Retail Link ID is assigned to students)
  • Retail Link Data Management

  • Supply Chain & Retail Replenishment
  • Retail Strategic Analysis

  • Retail Tools Integration
  • Retail Analytical Techniques


Program Cost

The approximate cost of the Certified Retail Analyst program is $4,450. This includes the cost for the pre-requisite classes.