Bentonville Campus - Summer II hours

Monday and Wednesday: 12:00 - 4:00

Tuesday and Thursday:    9:00 - 1:00

Friday Closed     
WCC Campus - Rm 108

Closed for the summer

Videos and Tutorials

Topic Length Format


The Writing Process Animation

MLA Guidelines

The Apostrophe

13 minutes

21 pages

3 minutes


powerpoint video

Using the Apostrophe 39 screensweb slides
Apostrophe Review - Test Your Apostrophe Knowledge!27 slidesweb slides
Check It Before You Wreck It:
Using Your Assignment Sheet to Guide You to a Successful Finish
7 minutespowerpoint video
Comma Splices and Run-On/Fused Sentences3 minutespowerpoint video
Eight Steps to Paraphrasing3 minutespowerpoint video
Learn the Dance: Six Moves of Academic Writing2 minutespowerpoint video
Paragraph Coherence, Unity, and Development 3 minutespowerpoint video
Subject-Verb Agreement3 minutespowerpoint video
Workshop 1: Sentence Fragments - Clip 18 minutesvideo
Workshop 1: Sentence Fragments - Clip 28 minutesvideo
Workshop 2: Run-ons and Comma Splices: Clip 18 minutesvideo
Writing Process: Demos from U. of North Carolina Writing Centervariablehandouts

More handouts are available at the Writing Center.
Also, visit Exercise Central 3.0 for more help and practice.