Student Services Hours
Available by appointment only


Disability Resource Center

Disability Resources staff are available at WCC by appointment only:

     - To assist students with the process of registering with the DRC in order to have access to academic
     - To discuss any question or concern related to student access or experience.
     - To consult with faculty members who have questions or concerns about how to best support students
        in their classes.
     - To facilitate any DRC-related business, as appropriate.

For students who are already registered with the DRC:

To request your Accommodation Letters for the current (or upcoming) semester, please complete and submit our online Accommodation Letter Request Form.

To schedule an appointment

Please call 479-986-4076 to schedule an appointment

When you call:

* Be sure that you request to meet at WCC
* Note the name of the staff member you will be meeting

Not sure if you need an appointment?

If you have questions or concerns, would like to share information, and/or are not sure if you need or want to schedule an appointment, please feel free to email us at