Frequently Asked Questions

If I do not pay by the published due date, will I be dropped from my classes?
Payment is due on the payment deadline. Your enrollment is not protected if your tuition is not paid by the deadline.
Can I pay my tuition in payment Installments?
YES, through Touchnet eServices.
How do I obtain an Official or Unofficial Transcript?
Go to the Student Records Office. Fill out a "Transcript Request Form". NWACC can mail your transcript or you may pick it up at the Student Records Office on the second floor of the Student Center.
How do I rent a math department calculator?
Go to the Treasurer's Office and complete the "Calculator Rental Form" and pay the $15.00 fee. Take Calculator Rental Form that has been stamped "paid" to the Math Department Secretary located in the Becky Paneitz Student Center on the third floor.
I dropped a class(es), but my student billing statement does not show the credit/refund.
In order to receive any credit/refund for dropped classes, classes must be dropped through the Student Records Office or on EagleNet Online Services during the published drop periods. If you feel you have an error on your account, please contact the Student Records Office at (479) 986-4000 or the Treasurer's Office at (479) 619-4291.
Why does my student billing statement show the total amount due when I signed up for a Touchnet eServices Payment Plan?
The student billing statements do not reflect the installment amounts. You must divide the total amount due by the number of payments (months) left on the payment plan. Please note that adding/dropping classes may change your total due and payment amounts.
There is an "AR" hold on my account, what do I need to do to have it removed?
Contact the Cashiers office at (479) 619-4291 to determine the reason for the hold. If the "AR" hold is for a past due balance, you can pay with verifiable funds (credit or debit cards, money order, cashiers check) to have it removed immediately. If the past due balance is paid by a personal check, the hold will remain on the student's account for 10 business days.
Why is my financial aid not applied to my account?
For this information, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (479) 986-4000 or email:,
How can I find out about my bank loan or scholarship?
For this information, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (479) 986-4000 or email:,

For any questions or comments please e-mail the Treasurer's Web Author.