A Service Learning Project that incorporates the Marshall Islands theme is being developed. 

Startup meetings are scheduled for:

Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2:00 Honors Study Lounge

Thursday, Feb. 7, 12:00 BH 2213


"Nuclear Issues" page  and Compact of Free Association information, both located on the RMI Embassy webpage

Climate, Health, Economy, and Cultural information is also available at the RMI Embassy webpage

Dr. Jessica A. Schwartz  "A “Voice to Sing”: Rongelapese Musical Activism and the Production of Nuclear Knowledge," Music & Politics, Vol. VI, Issue I, (Winter 2012).

Atomic Energy Commission Document from June 1954 explaining why Bikini was chosen and the Bravo shot's impact

Between 1994-1995 a Public Advisory Panel convened to discuss Human Radiation Experiments of which Marshall Islanders were a part.  Visit George Washington University's National Security Archive for documents pertaining the the Panel's public hearings.

July 5, 1994 Public Panel Document

Link to the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments' Final Report


FRUS document from Oct. 1954 discusses compensation to Japan and justifies nuclear testing and the billions spent as necessary to "protect the human race from Communist enslavement...."

FRUS document from Dec. 1954 detailing compensation of $2 million to Japan as a result of the Bikini detonation