STEM Bridge



"As the NSC work teams develop new nationally portable curricula and supporting materials for the STEM pathways, it is assumed that many, if not most, of the students will need immediate strengthening of ‘rusty' math, reading/writing, and critical thinking competencies. The NSC will not rely on traditional ‘pre-program' approaches of developmental educational that are known not to be effective. Much of this competency development will be imbedded into the technical curriculum. "  Anne Arundel Community College National STEM Consortium Technical Proposal (Page 16-17)



The NSC needs assessment of TAA-eligible and other working adults leads to the conclusion that many students will require more intensive, up-front development of the basic skills required for access to the technically demanding educational pathways into STEM occupations. Therefore, the second NSC strategy is to develop a STEM Bridge program that will provide an accelerated pathway into the newly designed programs of study. This bridge program will help students bring their math, reading/writing, computer and critical thinking skills to the level necessary to take full advantage of the technical curriculum in one of the five programs."