Cyber Technician Certificate

Award:  Technical Certificate

Total Credit Hours: 28 credits

Overview and Purpose: NorthWest Arkansas Community College is offering a new career-training program.  It is a 28 credit-hour academic program – stackable toward Associate's and then Bachelor's degrees.  The program is only one year – participants complete a course sequence that normally takes two years. Courses have embedded remediation and Core Skills training focused on academic and workplace success.  

THe NSC Cyber Technology certificate combines rigorous academic training with hands-on projects, a skills-based capstone, and the opportunity to sit for industry certification exams.

This outcomes-based program is built upon the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework*, which maps the Cyber industry and outlines essential Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) for each position.

The NSC Cyber Technology certificate teaches the KSAs for the "Customer Service and Tech Support" job category and partially prepares students for the CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ exams and the Cisco CCNA exam.


Class Structure

Cohort takes all classes together and receives enhanced student support services.



-        Industry Exams

 Partial preparation, and opportunity to sit for, standard industry certification exams: Cisco CCNA, CompTIA A+, Net+, and Security+ are covered in curricula.



Graduates of the program earn an academic certificate that can be applied to an Associate's Degree. The program covers the following learning outcomes (mapped to industry certification exams):

·         Theory and Troubleshooting Microcomputers 1 (A+ Hardware)

·         Theory and Troubleshooting Microcomputers 2 (A+ Software)

·         Network Essentials (Network+)

·         Cisco 1: Network Fundamentals (Cisco CCNA)

·         Cisco 2: Routing Protocols and Concepts (Cisco CCNA)

·         Cisco 3: LAN Switching and Wireless (Cisco CCNA)

·         Cisco 4: WAN Implementation and Support (Cisco CCNA)

·         Cyber Capstone (hands-on, skills-based project to research, build, test, and present a network solution)

·         Cyber Skills for Computing Professionals 1-3

Cyber Skills for Computing Professionals scaffolds the technical curricula. It pairs developmental math, communication, and professionalism modules developed by the NSC STEM Bridge Team with industry-specific soft skills developed by the Cyber Team and embedded throughout technical courses. 


Entrance Requirements

 Approval from Advisor and test scores.  Student may be required to sign completion agreement.


Graduation Requirements

 Completion of the required courses.


Range of Occupations

Graduates are prepared for jobs in Customer Service and Technical Support, for example: 

·     15-1151      Computer User Support Specialist

·     15-1152      Computer Network Support Specialist

·     45-4051         Customer Service Representative

15-1142     Network and Computer Systems Administrator


 For information about the field, see "Computer User Support Specialists" from the Department of Labor.