Individual Projects for Spring Term 2013


Fitness trainer Brett Williams works with Jessica,

while Lisa performs squats during his Fitness Boot

Camp Service Learning project at the YMCA.


Flyer for Fitness Boot Camp



 "Great workout! The combination of both strength training and cardio is good. With only a half-hour, twice a week I can really tell a difference."

Ruth Brenneman
Purchasing Specialist
Northwest Arkansas Community College
One College Drive
Bentonville, AR 72712

"Brett is a great trainer! He gets use motivated and moving. I feel more confident because I can do things, like pushups, that I could not do before."
Beth S.
"Although I’m only able to attend boot camp once a week, I can already tell the difference. Brett’s workouts don’t focus on one area of the body, he sets up circuits that will work the entire body. And believe me… you can definitely tell the next day!"
"I look forward to Tuesday’s and Thursday’s because after working at a desk job for over 8 hours, 5 days a week, going to your Boot Camp is exactly what I need to recoup. I enjoy the weekly challenges, the music, the opportunity to exercise with co-workers and students. I also appreciate the time you take to send out encouraging emails. I am so encouraged that I eat a whole lot healthier and I make sure that on the days that I do not attend Boot Camp that I at least do a 30 minute brisk walk or some type of work out. I have so much more energy and that makes me feel so happy. Thanks Brett!J"
Terri Hooks
Office of Admissions
"Brett, honestly on our first meet; I did not think that I will benefit from your training. I thought you were very easy on us and the exercises were simple and usual types. Well you proofed me wrong! Following weeks you added challenging exercises each time. I started feeling the muscle aches and pains! I knew I was working hard. I wish you had more time slot so we can set up and do a full 45 min. workout."
"This bootcamp has been awesome! It has helped me get my diet on track and know that I am making good decisions about my health and body. I have started the zig-zag diet and it has been good so far, I realized I wasn't getting enough calories to build lean muscle, I was losing it. At the gym yesterday for the first time I saw how good my arms looked and I was so impressed, it gave me even more drive. The support Ive gotten from everyone at the bootcamp has been cool too, made some new friends. I will check out the website and I can't wait to take another class with you, you will have to let me know. Thanks for believing in me and teaching me to believe in myself."
"WOW THAT WAS SUCH A GREAT WORKOUT! I know your workouts are working. I could never do pushups, but now I can actually do them! I'm so excited that I can see results. Thank you sooooo much!"
"The Fitness Boot Camp is all I hoped it would be and more! I am so out of shape that I really needed something to motivate me to start exercising. Some of the exercises are hard for me, but you tell us to do what we can do. That helps me to keep trying. You keep our class moving and its never boring! Your verbal encouragement helps tremendously! I always feel like I’ve accomplished something each time we finish a class."





Gwendolyn Robards Project


PowerPoint Presentation


News Report on fundraiser for Head Start done by

Thank You Letter