Individual Projects For Fall Term 2013


Elizabeth Simmons Sportsmanship Program


Elizabeth Simmons helped the Carroll and Madison Soccer League U8 team (compiled of children ages six, seven and a few that turned eight after the season began). She thoroughly enjoyed running around with the soccer team, teaching them soccer rules, and incorporating ethical views she learned in Ethics class while teaching them sportsmanship.

In addition to personally teaching soccer skills and sportsmanship, she created a trifold pamphlet to create awareness and improve sportsmanship for the children and their parents. One side has guidelines and a checklist for the kids, and the other side has information and guidelines for the parents.

Link to pamphlet can be found here.

It is important for children of all ages to be taught sportsmanship. The Institute for the Study of Youth Sports found that seventy percent of children quit playing sports by the age of 15. The children who quit were not enjoying themselves by playing the sport. Playing in sports was causing them more hardships then pleasure. This is due to lack of sportsmanship. When children are taught sportsmanship some people would agree that it helps them, “become fair and generous competitors, good losers and graceful winners.” When people use sportsman like behavior, everyone can enjoy the game.




Student Mentoring Project

Below are Pictures of Kyraa Woods & Jennifer Dixon also with the Power Points they presented to students.

Kyraa Woods    &   Jennifer Dixon

"Mentoring High School Students"


Students Are You Ready!?!

College Education Then & Now


Jennifer Dixon & Kyrra Woods


Students Are You Ready!?!


Jennifer Dixon