Service Learning

What is Service Learning?

 A Group of Students Meet with a Native American TribeService Learning is an academically based program at NWACC that allows students to engage, network, and work with the community to complete student-driven and developed service projects. Through the development of individual, team, and/or group projects, students are able to apply what they learn in the classroom with "real life" experiences to meet a course's learning objectives. Service Learning reaffirms the college's connection to the NWA community, and to our larger society, by honoring students' service efforts in ways that enable them to further their education through applied learning while allowing them to reflect on what they learned and on their service. Service Learning can be used in any subject as long as the instructor offers this option and it is appropriate to the overall learning objectives of a specific course. All students who complete Service Learning projects will be recognized as "Service Learning Scholars" on their transcripts. Students who participate in Service Learning projects tend to have a competitive edge when applying for scholarships, for entrance into four-year colleges and universities, and in the job market.