Frequently Asked Questions
Who can apply for NWACC scholarships?
Any student who has applied for Admission to NWACC and received a student ID number is eligible to apply for NWACC scholarships.
How do I apply?
NWACC's online STARS scholarship application will be open December 1st, 2014 through February 13th, 2015. There is a link to the STARS online application through the NWACC Scholarships page.
How will I know if I've been awarded a scholarship?
All students who apply for any NWACC scholarship(s) will be sent an award and/or decline letter(s) to your NWACC email address, or the email address you entered in STARS. If you are unable to access your NWACC email account, please contact the Student IT Help Desk at 479-619-4376.
Can I transfer my NWACC scholarship to another school?
No. NWACC scholarships are designated for NWACC students only and will not transfer to other schools.
Does filling out the STARS application submit my application for the Arkansas Academic Challenge or Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship?
No, the STARS application is for NWACC scholarships only. For more information on the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship or the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship, please visit the Outside Scholarships page on our Scholarships website.

NWACC does not administer Outside Scholarships, so you will need to direct any questions you have about these scholarships to the contact information on their organizations' specific websites.
I lost my password to the STARS online application – how do I get a new one?
Simply click the link underneath the "Login" button for help to get your password reset.
Can I apply for Fall or Spring only scholarships?
Maybe. The majority of scholarships collected through STARS online follow an annual process, meaning that the scholarships awarded through STARS are for an entire academic year, Fall and Spring. However, special applications may pop up throughout the year and will be made available through your NWACC Student Announcements.
This scholarship is for Fall/Spring, and I graduate in the Fall. Will I lose the second half of my scholarship?
Not necessarily. It is your responsibility to let us know that you will be graduating as soon as possible. Just send an email from your NWACC email account to that includes the names of all the scholarships you were awarded so that we can assess whether or not changes may be made to your award distribution.
Have more questions? Please contact:
NWACC Scholarship Office
One College Drive
Bentonville, AR 72712