What is SAAB?

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Student Ambassador and Activities Board (SAAB) is composed of ten student leaders that represent NWACC. SAAB members give campus tours to prospective students and dignitaries and use their insight to give prospective students information on what it's like to be student. SAAB members also plan campus events and activities designed to give students a more meaningful (and fun!) college experience. Additionally, SAAB members play a role in supporting other clubs and organizations through various cross-campus partnerships. Joining SAAB provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience, improve interpersonal skills such as communication, teamwork and collaboration, and enrich the NWACC college experience.

SAAB is a great way to give back to our college and your fellow students, while having a ton of fun! 

If you have any questions please email the Director of Student Life at StudentLife@nwacc.edu, or stop by the SAAB office located in the Student Center in front of the Game Room.