What Makes a Successful Reader?


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A successful reader asks the following questions:

What is my / the reading purpose?  What is the author's purpose?

What is my plan for reading? What is the author's plan?

What is my perspective about the reading? What is the author's perspective?

What will make me most successful as a reader?


In the Academic Literacy Center, we can help you:

  1.     Answer comprehension questions about reading selections

  2.     Identify topics of paragraphs and longer selections

  3.     Identify and articulate main ideas of paragraphs, whether they are directly stated or implied

  4.     Identify and articulate theses for multi-paragraph selections, whether they  
          are directly stated or implied

  5.     Identify major and minor supporting details

  6.     Identify common writing patterns

  7.     Formulate correct definitions of selected vocabulary words using context clues

  8.     Apply critical reading skills, especially to materials which contain an author's opinion

  9.     Answer questions about selections when information is not directly stated

10.     Apply successful reading strategies to both print and digital texts


For more information, questions, or to comment on this website,
please contact Lindsay Welsher,
Student Reading Center Director.