Academic Literacy

What Academic Literacy Offers:

  • One-on-one consultation
  • Reading Strategies workshops
  • Lab space for reading work and review in the Writing Center
  • Referral services
  • Individual reading tasks to help students practice and master concepts presented in class
  • Computers, books, books on tape, and workbooks to help students employ successful reading strategies for a variety of skill levels
  • Practice using academic vocabulary
  • Support for faculty who want to focus on reading and writing in the curriculum
  • All students are welcome to see Professor Lindsay Welsher, NWACC's Reading Advisor, if they need additional assistance with reading strategies. Ms. Welsher is happy to work with all students to develop an individual plan for their needs. (, BH 1006)



Reading is more than decoding printed words on a page. Reading is an active, communicative, multidisciplinary process that requires context and concentration. A reader should be able to comprehend, question, and possibly act as a result of what an author shares, through: understanding of specialized vocabulary, comprehension of main ideas, recognition of the organization, purpose, and tone of a text, and integration of personal experience to new knowledge.