Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get accepted into the technical part of the RT program?
    The student is awarded points for the prerequisite GPA, a health aptitude test and an essay. Positions are offered to the top 16 applicants.
  2. When do I apply to the technical part of the RT program?
    Applications are due July 1. Admission decisions will be made after the completion of final examinations of the Summer I semester.
  3. What is the job market?
    The job market for RT is very good. Average starting salary in Northwest Arkansas is approximately $36,000-$56,000 annually.
  4. What are the costs of the program?
    Students pay tuition based upon their place of residence. Additional fees during the technical part of the program are approximately $2,500 for books, uniforms, insurance, background checks and required certifications.
  5. Can I take classes during the evening?
    The technical classes are all during the day.
  6. If I am still in High School, what courses should I take now to prepare myself for a career as a Respiratory Therapist?
    Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Algebra, Medical Terminology would be good preparatory courses.
  7. How long will it take me to complete this program?
    It will take five semesters once the student has completed all prerequisites and been accepted into the program. The program begins in the fall semester. Students must plan to be full-time students once they enter the program.
  8. What are the grade requirements if I am accepted to the Respiratory Therapy Program?
    Students must have a "C" or greater in all required courses.
  9. Is hospital experience included in the program?
    Yes, clinical experience is scheduled for the student.
  10. May I choose the hospital at which I want to spend my clinical training?
    No. Clinical Rotation Assignments are made by lottery. You could be assigned to any of the clinical facilities used by the program.
  11. When I graduate will I be a Registered Respiratory Therapist?
    Upon graduation, students are eligible to take the National Board for Respiratory Care Entry Level and Advanced Level Examinations. The exams are administered throughout the year. Upon successful completion of these exams, the practitioner will hold the Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credential.

For more information contact Michelle Frazier, Respiratory Therapy Director at 479-619-4252 or .