Pre-Requisite Courses

ATTENTION:  Students applying to enter the PTA Program in June 2018 -  The application will be available by November 2017 on this website. Please note the PHTA 2105 Clinical Kinesiology is offered in the spring semester only.


*For students attaining their pre-requisite courses at another college, we will offer an online section of Clinical Kinesiology.  Please note other Kinesiology courses will not transfer because this is a specific PTA Program Clinical Kinesiology course.  


Note the General Education pre-requisite courses MUST be completed by the end of the spring semester in the year the student is applying to the PTA Program. For example, students applying to enter the PTA Program in June 2018 must complete the pre-requisite courses by the end of spring 2018.


Pre-Requisite Courses

PHTA 2105 Clinical Kinesiology - offered spring semester only
MATH1204College Algebra OR
MATH1003Survey of Technical Math
BIOL2214Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL2224Anatomy & Physiology II
PSYC2003General Psychology
ENGL1013English Composition I
ENGL1023English Composition II OR
ENGL2013Technical Writing
AHSC1001Medical Terminology
CISQ1103Introduction to Computer Info OR
AHSC1123Electronic Health Records


*Students wanting to complete all pre-requisite courses in one year need to take BIOL 112 Introduction to Life Sciences as the pre-requisite course for BIOL 2214 Anatomy and Physiology I, (unless they have already taken Principles of Biology BIOL 1544).  The Intro to Life Science course will last 3 weeks of the semester then the late start Anatomy and Physiology I course will begin week 4 of the same semester.  Students must register for both courses. 


*Students going part time to complete the pre-requisite courses may take either BIOL 112 Introduction to Life Sciences or BIOL 1544 Principles of Biology. 

Pre-requisite courses may be completed on a full-time or part-time basis see the recommended sequences below.


Recommended Sequence for Students Completing Pre-Requisite courses in 1 year:



BIOL 0112 Intro to Life Science*  

*(pre-requisite for A& P I)

MATH 1204 College Algebra OR 4
MATH1003Survey of Technical Math3
BIOL2214Anatomy and Physiology I4
ENGL1013English Composition I3
AHSC1011Medical Terminology1
CISQ1103Introduction to Computer Info3



PHTA 2105 Clinical Kinesiology 5
BIOL2224Anatomy & Physiology II4
PSYC2003General Psychology3
ENGL1023English Composition II OR3
ENGL2013Technical Writing 


Recommended Sequence to Complete PTA Program Pre-requisites in 2 or more years on a part time basis:

Many students choose to take 4 semesters or more to complete the pre-requisite courses. They have more option for sequencing pre-requisite course, but still must consider sequencing to ensure all pre-requisites are completed by the end of the spring semester in the year they are applying to the PTA Program. We recommend you meet with the PTA Program Director to ensure correct sequencing for completion of pre-requisite courses.


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