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Program Outcomes

Chefs in the Kitchen

Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts program prepares you to succeed in the restaurant and food preparation industries by equipping you with the technical and management skills you need to work in restaurants and foodservice operations. You will learn basic culinary skills and how to work as a team in a professional kitchen. You will understand how food is grown and produced, develop insight into regional and international cuisines, restaurant design, and trends shaping the culinary scene today.

Baking & Pastry Arts

The Baking & Pastry Arts Program prepares you to succeed in the bakery and production industries by teaching the technical and management skills you need. These skills include everything from understanding basic baking principles and preparing classic French pastries and desserts, to marketing and management skills necessary for working in a bake shop operation.


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Establish and maintain high standards of sanitation and food safety as established by the SERV SAFE® program.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic terminology and techniques for culinary arts and baking and pastry arts to include food preparation, presentation, and service.
  • Identify and demonstrate the concepts of recipe costing, purchasing, receiving, and issuing practices in food service operations.
  • Explain the characteristics, functions, and food sources of the major nutrients and understand and demonstrate nutritional cooking methods including how to maximize nutrient retention.
  • Communicate clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing.
  • Develop strategies to improve business performance using creativity and problem solving skills, based on operational theory and procedures.
  • Develop skills integral to success in the industry including guest service, supervisory management, the ability to work with others, and handling multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Develop and apply ethical and sustainable hospitality industry policies.

Concentration: Culinary Arts

  • Identify principles of menu and food service facility layout and design.
  • Understand where food comes from, differences in growing practices and how to prepare a seasonal menu.
  • Demonstrate and discuss the differences in cuisines and ingredients used around the world.
  • Prepare regional, international, and classical cuisine dishes and demonstrate an understanding of how they are utilized in the contemporary food service industry.
  • Develop skills integral to success in the food industry including speed, stamina, dexterity, and timing.

Concentration: Baking & Pastry Arts

  • Apply the techniques and skills needed to produce quality baked goods in the modern pastry and bake shops.
  • Analyze the functions of ingredients used in producing baked goods and pastries.
  • Produce and evaluate a variety of baked goods, including but not limited to cakes, pies, breads, and confections.
  • Produce and evaluate a variety of international and classical plated desserts.
  • Utilize fundamental techniques to creatively modify standard recipes and develop new recipes.