Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs
Gina Johns
Assistant to the Chief Student Affairs Officer

Student Affairs Policy

4001 Academic Clemency

4002 Graduation
4003  Admissions

4003.5  Admissions Application Fee Waiver

Procedures for Admissions Application Fee Waiver

4004 Withdrawal From Credit Course

4005 Future Term Registration Cancelation

Future Term Registration Cancelation Procedures

4006 Administrative Drop by Census Reporting Date

4007 Student Financial Aid Programs

4008 Tuition and Fees

4008.1 Tuition and Fees Refunds for Credit Courses

4008.2 Golden Age Tuition Waiver

4008.3 Tuition Refund Appeal for Credit Courses

4009 Student Records

4009.1 College Records and Transcripts

4009.2 Safeguarding Student Records

4009.3 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA Procedures

4009.4 Records on Hold

4010 Student Activities

4010.1 Bulletin Board Postings

4010.2 Student Leadership Position Restrictions

Student Leadership Position Restrictions Procedure

 4011 Student Services

4011.1 Disability Services

4011.2 Student Health and Health Insurance

4011.3 Student Housing

4011.4 Service Animals on Campus

Service Animals on Campus Procedures & Responsibilities

4012 Student Conduct

4012.1 Student Discipline Records

4012.2 Student Complaints

4012.3 Substance Abuse

4012.4 Student Conduct Violations

Actions and Violations Deemed Student Conduct Violations

Due Process and Student Conduct Violations Procedures

4012.5 Conduct Review Board

Composition and Selection of Board Members

4013 Academic Standing

Academic Standing Procedures for Interventions

Academic Standing Flowchart

4014 International Programs

4014.1 International Student Admission

4014.2 English Language Proficiency Requirement

4014.3 International Student Health Insurance

4014.4 International Student/Scholar Sponsorship Requirement

Procedures for International Programs