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New and Revised Policy

New & Revised Policies & Procedures

January - December 2016

8003.1 Use of College Facilities/Grounds for Events (revised)

8001.1 Authority to Purchase (revised)July
5004.4 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (revised)July
2008 Faculty Emeritus/Emerita (revised)May
2007 Staff Emeritus/Emerita (revised)May
9010 Youth Oriented Programs (new)April
9002 Non-Students, Children and Minors on Campus (revised)April
4013 Academic Standing (revised)March
8001.3 Bids (revised)February
6001.5 Annual Operating Budget (new)February
6001.4 Tuition and Fees-Credit-Based Instruction (revised)February
5001.1 Job Posting and Employment Selection (revised)February
3001 Academic Calendar (revised)February


Policies in Development or Revision     
Contact Policy Office for Copy of Proposed New or Revised Draft
Grants Office:
Grants Administration (revision from archives)
Student Services:
4003.2 International Student Admissions (revision)
4003.3 English Language Proficiency (revision)
4003.4 International Student Health Insurance (revision)
International Student Sponsorship Requirement (new)
3005 Honorary Posthumous Degree (revision)
3003 General Degree Requirements (revision)
3010 Academic Acceleration Policy (revision)
3011 Academic Honors Policy (revision)
3006 Course Load and Overload for Students (revision)
Credit for Prior Learning (revised from archives)
Faculty Release Time (new)
Retention of Faculty Records on Students (new)
Finance & Administration
8001.4 Contracts