Human Resources


Human Resources


Human Resources Policy

5001 Employment

5001.5  Nepotism
5001.9   Political Activity
5001.13 Drugs and Alcohol
.14 Conflict of Interest
                       Conflict of Interest Procedures


5002 Classification and Compensation

5002.1 Fair Labor Standards Act

5002.2 New Hire Faculty Placement on Salary Scale

New Hire Placement on Salary Scale Procedures

5002.3 Hours of Work

5002.4 Compensation

5003 Performance Management

5003.1 Classified Employee Evaluations

5004 Leaves of Absence

5004.1 Military Leave

5004.2 Bereavement Leave

5004.3 Jury Duty

5004.4 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Procedures for FMLA

5004.5 Workers Compensation/On the Job Injury

5004.6 Holiday Pay

Procedures for Holiday Pay

5004.7 Catastrophic Leave

Catastrophic Leave Procedures

5005 Benefits

5005.1 Workforce and Economic Development NWACC Employee Tuition Waiver 

Procedures for Workforce and Economic Development NWACC Employee Tuition Waiver

Employee Tuition Waiver Form for Workforce and Economic Development Classes

5005.2 Employee Tuition Waiver

5005.3 Employee Taking Credit Classes During Regularly Scheduled Work Hours

5005.4 Early College Education Instructor Tuition Waiver for Credit Classes

5006 Payroll and Records

5006.1 Personnel Records

Personnel Records Procedures

5007 Employee Relations

5007.1 Employee Code of Conduct and Ethics Compliance

5007.2 Harassment and Discrimination 

Procedures for Harassment and Discrimination

5007.3 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

5007.4 Progressive Discipline

5007.5 Separation of Employment

Separation of Employment Procedures

5007.6 Employee Absenteeism

Employee Absenteeism Procedures

5007.7 HIPPA

HIPPA Procedures

5007.8 Lactation/Breastfeeding

Lactation/Breastfeeding Procedures

5008  Retirement

5008.1  Phased Retirement

Phased Retirement Procedures


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