The Blue and You Fitness Challenge at NWACC

Winner of Blue and You Fitness Challenge 















NWACC Wins Blue & You Fitness Challenge!

In late February, 51 employees signed up to participate in the Blue & You Fitness Challenge.  The challenge is an annual three month physical activity contest designed to encourage healthy activity.  The challenge encourages participants to participate in activity 30 minutes each day, most days of the week.  The challenge began March 1 with 45 active participants competing against other businesses and organization throughout Arkansas.  On July 16 the final results were announced at an event in Little Rock with NWACC winning its division!  

A success celebration was held at NWACC on July 18 where all participants were recognized.  John Perritt from WCC was the top point winner with 88 points!  Congratulations to Mark and to all of the following for participating in the challenge and making an effort to becoming more active and fit: 

Rhonda Adams
Jennifer Asbill
Katherine Auld
Pam Belche
Della Boyer
Ruth Brenneman
Kara Bui
Dan Charles
Lynn Domer
Lasea Ellis
Brenda Flemming-Studt
Barb Gordon
John Hicks
Diana Hoke
Dena Hutcheson
Kathie Legg
Lynda Lloyd
Linda Long
Rick Mayes
Li McClain
Carol Olson
Janet O’Neill
Johanna Paladino
Lucas Paxton
Verenice Perea
John Perritt
Brenda Pittman
Stacy Reagan
Linda Richardson
Kelley Rose
Sherrolyn Scheuerell
Ruth Shafer
Miranda Smith
Tricia Sparks
Jill Stewart
Sara Stripling
Lea Sutherland
Lucy Thompson
Joe Timpe
Ann Turner
Teresa Whitmire
Marsha Woolfolk

Make sure you mark your calendar for the Fitness Challenge, March 2014!