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PO Box 1460
Little Rock, AR  72203-1460 (Out-of-State PPO Provider)
1-800-817-7726 (Northwest Region, Fayetteville)
1-800-370-5792 (Central Region, Little Rock)


BlueAdvantage offers a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan to our employees. The Benefit Summary gives you an overview of your health coverage and provides some of the most commonly requested information regarding your policy.  The PPO Network is BlueAdvantage and is made up of health care providers who have agreed to bill according to BlueCross processes and have agreed to participate in negotiated discounts for medical services. To receive maximum coverage under the PPO plan, in-network providers must be seen. Access to the in-network provider directory is available by clicking here (select Find a Doctor, TrueBlue PPO). BlueAdvantage offers nationwide coverage to members along with added benefits through the BlueCard network. The monthly cost for coverage depends upon the level of coverage you choose. Review the Health Benefit Rates for details.

As required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), BlueAdvantage has provided the following  Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)  and Glossary of Health Coverage & Medical Terms. The SBC provides information regarding coverage specifications and limitations that apply to NWACC's health insurance plan. 
For questions about processing a claim or problems in receiving reimbursement, contact BlueAdvantage, Northwest Regional office in Fayetteville at 1-800-817-7726, Central Region in Little Rock at 1-800-238-8379, or write to: BlueAdvantage, PO Box 1460, Little Rock, AR 72203-1460.


Medical Insurance Summary Plan Document & Plan Description

Employees can view the Medical Insurance Summary Plan Document and Plan Description in detail by registering at  You will need your member ID number which is on your True Blue medical insurance card.

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BlueAdvantage website
Out-of-State PPO Providers

Admissions outside of Arkansas, call 1-800-451-7302
Pharmacy Customer Service, call 1-800-863-5561