Concurrent Employment

Concurrent employment of full-time or part-time state employees by more than one state agency or institution requires approval from the Chief Fiscal Officer of the State prior to employment or payments shall not be rendered. Public Schools are not considered a State Agency

The work performed for the second agency or institution must not interfere with the proper and required performance of the employee's duties in the primary position.  The employee's combined salary payments from the institution/agency is not to exceed the larger maximum annual salary of the line-item position authorized for either institution/agency from which the employee is being paid.  The employee may not be on paid sick leave from one state agency or institution while being paid by another state agency or institution (ACA § 19-4-1604).

Employees planning to work for another state agency/institution or perform additional duties with NWACC for which you expect payment, must complete a concurrent employment request form (PDF).  Any questions regarding the Concurrent Employment process can be directed to Human Resources at 619-3155.