Arkansas Teacher Retirement System (ATRS)


ATRS is a cost sharing, multiple employer, defined benefit pension plan established on March 17, 1937, by authority of the Arkansas General Assembly under Act 266 of 1937.  ATRS is operated as a "qualified trust" under section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. The General Assembly is responsible for setting benefits and contributions and amending plan provisions. 

 ATRS provides age and service retirement benefits for public school employees and other education related employees offering a wide variety of options to support most retirement decisions. 
NOTE: New full-time benefit eligible employees are eligible to participate in ATRS only if they are fully vested in ATRS upon hire at NWACC.

Contribution Rates

ATRS members are contributory or non-contributory based on their employment status. The employee contribution rate is currently six percent (6%) of gross earnings. As of July 1, 1997, all member contributions are tax-deferred. All participating employers pay the employer contribution rate for eligible employees in accordance with ATRS laws and regulations. The contribution rate for participating employers is currently fourteen percent (14%) of the member's gross earnings.

ATRS Termination Separation Period

The termination separation period is a very specific legal period as defined in Act 743 of 2009 and is strictly enforced by ATRS. Failure to properly terminate and comply with the ATRS termination separation period is often financially harsh on a member.

Questions/Contact Information

For questions about this retirement plan visit the ATRS website at  or contact ATRS at 1-800-666-2877 and speak with a representative. 


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