Workers Compensation

The Workers' Compensation Program is an insurance plan provided by the State of Arkansas which pays all reasonable and necessary medical care if an employee becomes injured or develops an occupational disease because of conditions on the job. The program also provides payment to the employee for part of the wages he or she might lose if the injury or illness disables the employee for more than seven days. The employee is covered from the first day on the job.

Human Resources administers Worker's Compensation for NWACC. All questions and concerns about the Worker's Compensation program should be addressed to Human Resources at (479) 619-4296.

Employees are covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 while on Workers' Compensation.

Supervisor and Injured Employee's Responsibilities - In a medical emergency, transport the injured employee to the nearest medical facility or call 911 for emergency assistance. Following the arrangement of emergency medical treatment for the injured employee, supervisor must report the incident to Human Resources at (479) 619-2258 or e-mail For non-emergency incidents, contact Human Resources to make an appointment at the designated clinic.

For all-emergency incidents, the employee of NWACC, is required to report the accident to their Supervisor and complete the following forms:

First Report of Injury
Form 1 - Employee's Report of Accident
Form N - Employee Notice of Injury
Mileage Form

For more information regarding Workers Compensation, e-mail workcomphelp.