International Student Clubs

Clubs affecting International students will be posted here by event date

International Student Association

International students are encouraged to join the International Student Association.  The purpose of the ISA is to increase awareness and understanding of people with different cultural backgrounds.  Both domestic and international students enjoy sharing and learning about other cultures.  Enjoy fascinating information about cultural differences, international cuisine, music, dance, and art!  President: Nguyen (Steppy) Vo

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Hmong Culture Club

This club is to promote awareness of Hmong culture and experience at NorthWest Arkansas Community College and it's community; to serve as a venue for Hmong and other students interested in the Hmong culture.  President: Anthony Moua

Pacifica Islanders Club

The Pacific Islanders Club (to be known as Manit Club) honors the culture and traditions of the Marshallese people. Club members ill serve as leaders in their community and mentors to younger Marshallese to encourage their completion of high school and college enrollment.

Saudi Student Club

Provides an environment of camaraderie and support for students from Saudi Arabia.