Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Federal Student Aid?
Complete the FAFSA at
What does Federal Financial Aid potentially apply me for?
Pell Grant, Subsidized Loan and Unsubsidized Loans.
How do I get my FAFSA to NWACC?
Add the NWACC School Code, which is 030633
I am eligible for federal aid if I have DACA?
DACA gives students the work eligibility verification card which does not make a student eligible for federal aid.
How do I get my (and my parents') tax information in the FAFSA?
Students can now electronically retrieve the tax information directly from the IRS website. The FAFSA provides students the DRT (Data Retrieval Tool) to pull federal income tax information into the FAFSA.
How do I use the Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) in the FAFSA?
Access the FAFSA at
· Click on "Login" for a Returning User to make a correction to the FAFSA.
· Go to the Finance tab
· Check/Update your answers to the questions regarding filing status (will file; already completed; will not file).
· Answer the questions regarding how recently you filed, whether you filed married, filing separately, etc. then follow the directions to link to the IRS database.
How can I get an IRS tax transcript?
If you are not able to use the Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) in the FAFSA,
· Go to
· Click on Get Transcript of Your Tax Records under Tools
· Click on Get Transcript ONLINE and follow the steps. You must your name and address exactly the same way you submitted your tax returns.
· If you are unable to get a transcript online, select the Get Transcript by Mail option.
I didn't file a tax return for 2013. Why is it asking for one? What do I do?
Make sure you said "will not file" in the FAFSA then answer the questions for non-filers on the Verification Worksheet. We will waive the requirement.
I'm over 21 years old and live on my own; but the FAFSA is asking for my parent's information.
Students are considered dependent unless they can correctly answer "yes" to one of the dependency questions on the FAFSA.
The FAFSA is asking for $85. Is it supposed to do that?
NO! Exit immediately and go to to complete the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid.
How do I sign my FAFSA?
Sign the FAFSA with a PIN (Personal Identification Number) obtained at
I did my FAFSA a month ago and I haven't heard anything.
We send all communication through your NWACC email account. Please check your secure e-mail in My NWACC Connection.
Have I been awarded?
· Log into My NWACC Connection
· Click on Financial Aid
· Click on Award Information
· Select "Award by Aid Year" (option may not be presented; skip to #6)
· Select "2014-2015" (option may not be presented; skip to #6)
· There are several tabs across the page. You should view the information in each tab. Click on the tab on the right which says "View/Accept Award" to see the award and accept the amount of loan funds that you need for your educational purposes. Pell Grants are automatically accepted.
I did the Financial Aid Orientation for 2013-2014. Do I have to do it again?
Yes. Laws and policies change each year so you need to repeat the overview each year to make sure you have the most current information.
Can I fax the Financial Aid Overview?
Yes, the fax number is 1.800.619.2226.
Where do I find the Verification Worksheet?
· Log into My NWACC Connection
· Click on Financial Aid
· Click on Award Information
· Select "Award by Aid Year" (option may not be presented; go to next item)
· Select "2014-2015" (option may not be presented; go to next item)
· Click on "Required; Not Completed"
· File in the information requested in the form
· Print the form
· Student (and parent for DVRI15) signature
· Submit to the Financial Aid Office
Will I receive Financial Aid for summer classes?
Students who attended full-time in the fall and spring will not be eligible for Federal Pell or Direct Loans. Students, who at the end of the spring term have completed 30 plus hours, can request additional Federal Direct Loan money. Students who reduced or declined Federal Direct Loan money during the fall or spring semester, may be eligible for summer financial aid.
How many hours can I take during the summer?
The maximum number of hours a student can enroll in for the summer is 14 credit hours.
Academic Policies
What if I only need money for the Fall? I'm graduating in December and transferring in the Spring.
Self-Service will not let you accept just one term of a two term loan. You can either:
1. Accept the whole loan (or twice what you need for one term) then e-mail us at asking us to cancel the Spring disbursement OR
2. Accept just the amount you need then e-mail us at asking us to adjust that amount to Fall only.
If I am on financial aid exclusion after the spring semester, can I appeal for financial for the summer?
Students can only submit a summer appeal for attempting too many credit hours or pace and/or appeal for unusual enrollment. Students who have not met the minimum GPA requirement of 2.00 or the minimum course completion rate of 67% cannot appeal for summer. Appeals forms can be found on the Satisfactory Academic Progress page.
How can I get off Exclusion?
For 67% or GPA, you can pay for classes on your own until you bring your completion rate up to 67% and your GPA up to 2.0. or, if there were extenuating circumstances which caused you to be unsuccessful and those circumstances have been resolved, you may appeal.

For 150% or Pace, you can only regain eligibility by appealing.
How do I appeal?
Complete the appropriate appeal form from our website. Complete your financial aid file. Enroll in classes. Then we will give you an Appeal Advising form. Turn in the appeal form and the advising form to our office prior to the appeal deadline which is August 18th for Fall 2014.
When is the deadline for submitting a FAFSA for fall 2014?
Priority deadline is July 1, 2014.
I accepted my loan and a pop-up came up telling me to do something else. What does that mean?
All student borrowers are required by the Department of Education to sign a Master Promissory Note and complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling. Both can be done at Log in using the four-digit PIN you use to sign the FAFSA. The MPN only has to be done once; but the loan counseling must be repeated if you transfer to a different school.
When will I get my money?
Disbursement information is on slides 33 through 41 of the Financial Aid Overview, but in general monies are credited to student accounts after the drop period for the class.
How much will I get?
You can see your award amount in My NWACC Connection. The refund will be the difference between your award and your charges for tuition, fees, and any monies you use on a book credit.
What is my financial aid file?
Your file lists the documents you specifically need to complete in order to be awarded financial aid.
What is an aid year?
Financial Aid is awarded for a school year at a time. NWACC's aid year begins each fall semester and ends each summer semester. Each year around tax season you will complete a new FAFSA for the start of the upcoming school year.
How many hours do I have to be enrolled in to get financial aid?
Direct Loans require 6 credit hours of enrollment. Pell grants are pro-rated for less than full-time which is 12 credit hours.
Do I need my official transcripts?
Yes, all students must submit previous college transcripts AND the transcripts must be evaluated before the Financial Aid Office can award students.
Where do I turn in my official transcripts?
All official transcripts must be submitted to the Student Records Office.