NWACC Archived Master Policy
The College is currently reviewing all policy and procedure. New and revised policy will be updated over the coming academic year. It is advised that you check with the appropriate department head or divisional representative regarding the current status of a particular policy. Your patience is appreciated during this process improvement. 


 General Academic Policies

Academic Acceleration                                                                                  

Academic Appeals                                                                                        

Academic Calendar 

Exceptions to College Calendar

Academic Clemency

Academic Clemency Petition                                                                                    

Academic Dishonesty                                                                                  

Academic Environment                                                                                  

Academic Freedom                                                                                       

Academic Honors                                                                                           

Academic Overload Approval                                                                        

Academic Program Reviews                      

Academic Standing: Warning and Suspension                                              

Accelerated Programs for High School Students      


Application Process                               

Arkansas Assessment of General Education                                 

Assessment of Student Learning

Auditing a Class(es) 

Calculation of GPA for Graduation                 

Change of Faculty Status

Class Attendance    

Commencement Week Requirements and Activities                                    

Completion of Graduation Requirements After Transfer

Concurrent Enrollment Admission    

Course Load and Overload for Students

         Student Course Load and Overload Limits

Academic Overload Approval  

Credit by Exam or for Non-Traditional Experiences

Distance Education

Emeritus Faculty

Faculty Appointment, Reappointment, and Dismissal

Faculty Employment

Faculty Evaluation

Faculty Evaluation Form

Faculty Governance

Faculty Load and Duties

Faculty Qualifications

Faculty Rank

Faculty Salary Scale

Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

Federal Financial Aid Repayment

Financial Aid File Management

Financial Aid Programs

     Procedures for awarding PELL Grant, FSEOG, Federal Work-study, Institutional Scholarships

Foreign Students Not Requiring Student Visa

Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program

Full-time Employees Email and Work Phone Numbers & FERPA

Grade Change Form

Grading Policies

Immunization Requirements

Institutional Articulation and Transfer Policy

Instructional Programs


Degree Requirements for Associate of Applied Science Degree   

Degree Requirements for Associate of Arts Degree

Degree Requirements for Associate of General Studies 

Degree Requirements for Associate of Science Degree

Developing Credit Courses and Programs

General Degree Requirements

Honorary Posthumous Degree

Non-Credit Community Education

Substitution of Specific Courses

Petitions for Course Substitutions Courses - Non Traditional Learning Experiences - Graduation

Substitutions for Specific Courses - ADA - Procedures

Petition for Course Substitutions - ADA

Petition for Course Substitutions - ADA (Student)

Petition for Course Substitutions - ADA (Instructor)

Petition for Course Substitutions - ADA (Tutor)

Instructors Schedule

International Student Admissions

Late Withdrawal Appeal

Late Withdrawal Appeal Form

New Student & Special Admissions

NWACC Learning College Statement

Off-site Access to NWACC Information Systems

     Banner & Extender Access from off campus sites (procedure)

Placement Testing Requirements

Planning and Assessment in Instruction

Procedures for Applying for F1 (Student Visa)

Purging Students for Non-Payment

Records on Hold

Records Retention and Disposal


Residency Classification

Resident Alien Admission

Sabbatical Leave

Safeguarding Student Records

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Scheduling of Class(es)

Student Records

Testing Center Fees for Proctored Tests


Transfer Admissions

Time of Official Graduation

Tuition/Fees Refunds

Withdrawal from Class(es)                    




Cancelations & Refunds

Class Attendance & Participation Credit

Class Attendance & Participation/Non-Credit

Common Course Syllabus

Computer Lab Use

Course Evaluation Form

Delinquent Accounts

Developing Customized


Faculty Requirements & Expectations

Mission & Vision

Participants Due Process Procedure

Professional Expectations



Retail Link

Tuition Payment







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