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Determining Residency
A student’s tuition rate is based on his or her legal residence.  A legal residence is not the same as a student’s mailing address. NWACC determines a student’s legal residency for tuition at the time of admissions to the College. 

The tuition ranges are:

  • In District: Legal residence located within the Rogers or Bentonville public school district.
  • In State: Legal residence located within the state of Arkansas, but outside Rogers or Bentonville public school district.
  • Contiguous County:  Legal residence is located in the following counties: Adair or Delaware in Oklahoma, and Barry or McDonald in Missouri.
  • Out of State: Legal residence outside of the state of Arkansas, but within the United States.  **Students who do not provide a Social Security Number on the application will be charged out of state residency.
  • International: Legal residence outside of the United States. 

Residency Reminders:

  • If you move and would like to change your residency, you must complete the Data Change Form and submit the required documentation. Please read the form carefully and completely.
  • If you moved to Arkansas for the primary purpose of accepting or maintaining full-time employment, you may request a waiver of the six-month waiting period to establish residency. Your employer must complete the Employer Residency Verification Form.
  • Dependent students may claim their parent’s residency. The student must provide proof of residency and provide the front page and signature page of the most recent tax return, which must list the student as a dependent.
  • Residency changes MUST be requested before the end of the semester for which the student is requesting the change. It is the student's responsibility to check his or her tuition rate before the payment due date each semester, and request any changes promptly.


If you would like to appeal your residency status, please print and submit the Residency Appeal Form.  It must be filled out completely and remember to submit supporting documentation with it.

For questions/comments on this content, please contact Admissions.