Learner Support Services

Learner Support Services Policy

The College is currently reviewing all policy and procedure. New and revised policy will be updated over the coming academic year. It is advised that you check with the appropriate department head or divisional representative regarding the current status of a particular policy. Your patience is appreciated during this process improvement.
Learner Support Services
   3.1.1 Academic Calendar
   3.1.2 Exceptions to the College Calendar
   3.4.3(A) Grade Change Form
   3.4.4 Late Withdrawal Appeal
   3.4.4(A) Late Withdrawal Form
   3.4.5 Academic Clemency
   3.4.5(A) NWACC Academic Clemency Petition
   3.4.6 Academic Standing: Warning and Suspension
   3.5.1 Academic Acceleration
   3.5.2 Accelerated Programs for  High School Students
   3.5.2(A-F) Step Ahead Forms
   3.5.3(1-4) Credit by Exam or for Non-Traditional Experiences
   3.6.1 Calculation of GPA for Graduation
   3.6.2 Time of Official Graduation
   3.6.3 Completion of Graduation Requirements after Transfer
   3.6.4 Arkansas Assessment of General Education
   3.6.5 Commencement Week Requirements and Activities
   4.2.1 General Student Services
  4.2.3 Tuition Policy

 3.14.4 Concurrent Enrollment Admissions

  3.14.7 Foreign Students Not Requiring Student Visa
  4.2.3 (3) Readmission Policy
  3.15.1 Registration
  3.15.2 Placement Testing Requirements
  3.15.3(A) Placement Test Interpretation Chart
  3.15.4(1-2) Scheduling of Classes
  3.15.5 Auditing a Class(es)

  3.15.6(1-4) Residency Classification

  3.15.7 Immunization Requirements

  3.15.8 Withdrawal from Class(es)

  3.15.9 Testing Center Fees for Proctored Tests
Financial Aid
  3.16.1(1-2) Financial Aid File Management
  3.16.2(1) Programs

  3.16.2(2) Procedures for Awarding PELL Grant

  3.16.2(3) Procedures for Awarding FSEOG

  3.16.2(4) Procedures for Awarding  Federal Work-Study

  3.16.2(5) Procedures for Institutional Scholarships

  3.16.4(1-3) Satisfactory Academic Progress

  3.16.5 Application Process
Tuition & Fees
  3.17.1 Tuition/Fees Refund

  3.17.2(1-2) Federal Financial Aid Repayment

 3.17.3 Purging Students for Non-Payment

Testing Center

Academic Advising Center

4.3.17 Student ID Card
Academic Success Center


  3.18.1 Student Records
  3.18.2(1-3) Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
  3.18.3 Safeguarding Student Records
  3.18.4 Transcripts

  3.18.5 Records on Hold

  3.18.6(1-5) Records Retention & Disposal

  3.18.17(1-2) Off-Site Access to NWACC Information Systems

  3.18.8 Full-time Employees Email and Work Phone Numbers & FERPA


Career Development Center

4.2.8 Student Employment
4.2.9 Career Development
Career Pathways


  4.2.4(1) Disability Services

  4.2.4 (2) Disability Services
4.2.2(1) Veterans Services

Global Communities Center


4.3.1 Student-Faculty Rights and Responsibilities


4.3.2(1) Due Process and Student Conduct Violations 


4.3.3(1) Judicial Committee

4.3.4 (1) Student Conduct Code


4.3.5 Code of Ethical Conduct for Professional Programs


4.3.6 Student Discipline Records


4.3.7 Student Complaints


4.3.8 (1) Substance Abuse


4.3.9 Canvassing and Solicitation


4.3.10 Bulletin Board Postings


4.3.11 Social Security Number Requirements

4.3.12 Non-Student, Children & Minors on Campus


4.3.13 Student Right To Know 
4.3.14 Sexual Assault


 4.3.15 Public Laws


4.3.16 Recreational Equipment on Campus





For additional policy information, contact Christy Reynolds.  Thank you for your patience during this process.