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 Vocations and Careers Collection

Database Information

"Finding the right career, enrolling in an appropriate institution of learning or training, searching for a job, advancing in your career through continuing education — these are high stakes tasks in today’s world. Vocations and Careers Collection makes it easier for researchers by providing content that is updated daily from nearly 400 journals — from general career guides to highly specialized industry journals." --
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Database Features
Full-text articles from nearly 400 industry-related and career journals
Titles include Adult Learning, American Machinist, Business Week, Corrections Today, and Technology & Learning

Search Operators
Connectors: AND, OR, NOT
Wildcards: * = one or more characters (e.g. comput*), ? = exactly one character (e.g. wom?n)
Proximity: <search term> N# <search term> = search terms must be specified number (#) or fewer words apart

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Vocations and Careers Collection

Video Tutorials

Using Gale's PowerSearch - Basic Search
Demonstrates how to use the Basic Search options in Gale Databases.

Using Gale's PowerSearch - Advanced Search
Demonstrates how to use the Advanced Search options in Gale Databases.

Introduction to Databases
Explains why you should use databases when conducting academic research.