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Religion & Philosophy Collection

Database Information

"Religion & Philosophy Collection features a custom selection of more than 250 magazines and academic journals — everything from American Atheist Magazine to Zygon — covering religion and the related areas of philosophy, archeology and anthropology. Use this database not only to study theological approaches to social issues, but also to learn about the impact that religion has had on culture throughout history, including literature, arts and language." --
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Database Features
Full-text articles from over 250 journals and periodicals
Indexed titles include American Atheist, Christianity Today, National Catholic Reporter and The New Republic
Coverage from 1980 to present

Search Operators
Connectors: AND, OR, NOT
Wildcards: * = one or more characters (e.g. comput*), ? = exactly one character (e.g. wom?n)
Proximity: <search term> N# <search term> = search terms must be specified number (#) or fewer words apart

Database Access

Religion & Philosophy Collection

Video Tutorials

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