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Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Database Information

"Opposing Viewpoints in Context is the premier online resource covering today’s hottest social issues, from Offshore Drilling to Climate Change, Health Care to Immigration. Opposing Viewpoints in Context helps students research, analyze and organize a broad variety of data for conducting research, completing writing assignments, preparing for debates, creating presentations and more." --
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Database Features
Over 400 titles from Greenhaven Press Series, including Opposing Viewpoints, At Issue, and Current Controversies
Includes more than 300 primary source documents

Features court-case overviews, biographies of social activists and reformers, and statistical tables, charts, and graphs

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Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Video Tutorials

Using Gale's Opposing Viewpoints in Context - Searching
Demonstrates how to search Gale's Opposing Viewpoints database.

Introduction to Databases
Explains why you should use databases when conducting academic research.