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"Gale’s Nursing Resource Center supports nursing programs at two-year community colleges, four-year colleges and vocational education high schools, as well as public libraries nationwide. Nursing Resource Center is a comprehensive resource that nurses, students, and instructors trust to deliver quality results because it was designed to match the “Nursing Process.” Whether preparing students for clinical exams, providing homework help, or NCLEX-RN test prep Nursing Resource Center is a care provider’s must have." --
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Database Features
Citations and abstracts for journal articles from the field of nursing
Access to reference texts, including Foundations of Basic Nursing, Delmar and Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
Disease overviews, sample care plans, and drug monographs
Medical illustrations and more than 200 animations

Search Operators
: * = one or more characters (e.g. comput*), ? = exactly one character (e.g. wom?n)
: <search term> N# <search term> = search terms must be specified number (#) or fewer words apart

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Nursing Resource Center

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Introduction to Databases
Explains why you should use databases when conducting academic research.