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MAS Ultra - School Edition

Database Information

"This comprehensive database contains full text for nearly 500 popular magazines including America's Civil War, American Heritage, American History, Archeology, Astronomy, Bioscience, Careers & Colleges, Civil War Times, Congressional Digest, Discover, History Today, Nation, National Review, New Republic, New Scientist, Popular Science, Science News, Scientific American, Smithsonian, World War II, etc." --
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Database Features
Nearly 500 full-text magazines
More than 360 reference books
Over 85,000 biographies
Over 81,000 primary source documents
More than 590 photos, maps, flags, and color PDFs

Search Operators
Connectors: AND, OR, NOT
Wildcards: ? = one or more unknown characters (e.g. wom?n)
Truncation: * = place at the end of a root word (e.g. comput*)
Proximity: <search term> N# <search term> = search terms must be specified number (#) or fewer words apart

Database Access

MAS Ultra - School Edition

Video Tutorials

EBSCOhost Basic Search Tutorial
Demonstrates how to use the Basic Search interface in EBSCOhost's databases.


Introduction to Databases
Explains why you should use databases when conducting academic research.