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Testing Guidelines


Instructors may request the Testing Center to provide on-campus proctor service for distance learning exams, make-up exams, and disability accommodations.

 Exams can be dropped off in the main office of the Testing Center or in the drop box outside the door.




·         Instructors must complete and attach a coversheet to each exam that will be given at the NWACC Testing Center.

·         All necessary passwords, instructions, answer sheets, and any handouts should be attached to the coversheet.

·         Exams should be submitted no later than one day prior to the exam date.

·         If an instructor requires the Testing Center to accommodate an entire face-to-face class for an exam all at one time the instructor must request the Testing Center be blocked off at least one week ahead of time to ensure availability.  To request that the Testing Center be reserved please send an e-mail or call 479-619-4354.

·         Distance learning instructors should submit a class roster attached to their master coversheet and exams.



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