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Testing Center-Biological Concepts




  •    Assessment of biological knowledge as a prerequisite option for BIOL 2214, which   is required for Anatomy and Physiology I. 
  • This test consists of sixty multiple choice questions.  A score of 23 is needed in order to pass.
  •   First, check in at the Admissions Office and then pay the $10 fee at the Cashier’s   window.
  •  Please have a Scantron and photo ID.
  • One re-test is allowed
  •  NWACC Study Guide:  BCPT Study Guide.(link)
  • Appointments are required.  (See hours and appointments)




Human Anatomy and Physiology Society


Combined Competency Examination


·        Assessment of current A&P knowledge for the NWACC Nursing Program.  No re-testing is allowed. This test is primarily for those who have taken an A & P class, but it has been more than 5 years.


·        No study guide is available.  This test consists of 100 multiple choice questions.  A minimum score of 40 is needed.


·        First, check in at the Student Information Center.  Next, the $10 fee is to be paid at the Cashier’s window. 


·       Have photo ID and Scantron ready at time of testing.


Appointments are required.  (See hours and appointments)

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