Learner Support Services

NWACC Testing Services is here to serve you! 

Testing now available on Saturday from 9-1

Jones Center in Springdale and Main Campus.



1.    Select Appointment Scheduler at the bottom of the page and on the new page select "Click login"
2.    In the lower left corner of the box, click register now
3.    Enter student ID number, name, email, and phone number and click OK
4.    Choose Appointments
5.    Choose setup a new appointment
6.    Choose a category based on whether you need a computer station, paper station, or DRC                             
       accommodations room
7.    Choose an activity and click next, If you do not see a time that works for you, just choose another station.
8.    Where it says to select a tutor, choose a station (any that appears as a choice). Please remember that if you want
         to test at the Jones Center on Saturday, you must choose a station that says JCF Saturday.  
9.    Choose your date range at the top
10.  Choose your start time by clicking a green box
11.  When the box appears, verify the information and choose an end time based on how long you need
12.  Click okay to verify.
13.  Your appointment will appear white on the grid
Having issues with making an appointment! Try using your Student ID without the (ST) for your user name and your last name lower case, or nwacc as your password.

If you are still having issues email us from your NWACC email to testingcenter@nwacc.edu.

NON-NWACC, students please refer to Proctor and Assessment Link.


Appointment Scheduler