The Northwest Arkansas Emergency Response Leaders Roundtable (NWAERLR) will become the catalyst to an effective community response system and be recognized as experts in preparedness and response that is essential to Northwest Arkansas' ability to prepare for and respond to, and recover from a crisis event.


The Northwest Arkansas Emergency Response Leaders Roundtable (NWAERLR) is a vital State and Community asset comprised of a unique, highly trained cadre of professionals that represent the key disciplines necessary to successfully coordinate planning for, responding to and recovering from emergencies in our community. It is the mission of this organization to develop process, procedures and intra-agency agreements designed to enhance the protection of the people, facilities, and infrastructure in Northwest Arkansas by leveraging required assets in the public and private sector and effectively collaborating to identify risks, mitigate threats, and prepare to respond to emergencies of all types. The NWAERLR supports the National Response System and Homeland Security by minimizing the risks to the public and improving response capabilities across all communities and constituencies in Northwest Arkansas.


Goal 1: To educate and train public and private sector emergency response leaders in Northwest Arkansas regarding aspects of preparedness for a broad range of catastrophic events such as terrorism, mass casualty, pandemic and natural disaster events.

Goal 2: To promote community awareness and the necessity for preparedness utilizing required community resources, both public and private.

Goal 3: To facilitate the testing and validation exercises needed to ensure coordination across all emergency response stakeholders in Northwest Arkansas.

Goal 4: To promote and support new ideas, progressive topics, and discussions among leaders as they relate to the NWA region.

Goal 5: To identify the gaps in our current ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from crisis.

Goal 6: To procure necessary equipment, resources, and support both from public and private entities in Northwest Arkansas.


If you have any agenda items you would like submitted for the next NWAERLR meeting, please contact Ethan Beckcom at 479-936-5173 or email at