Welcome to the Arkansas Business Emergency Operations Center

For copies of the presentations from Fostering Cooperation with Local, State, Regional and Federal Public/Private Sector Initiatives and Hurricane Irene Response Discussion and Resilience Conference Follow-Up Reports on November 3 and 4, 2011, please select from the links below.

National BEOC Forum

 Joseph Booth - SDMI

Jami Haberl - Safeguard Iowa

Ian Hay - SEERN

Brigadier General John Heltzel and Mike Dossett - KyEM VBEOC

Ramesh Kolluru - Virtual BEOC-LA BEOC Portal Technology

Leslie Luke - San Diego

Bill Miederhoff - Connect Potential

Keith Stammer - Joplin Tornado Presentation

Dan Stoneking - FEMA PSD NBEOC

Bryan Strawser - NEMA

Brent Woodworth - LABOC