About ICPS



The Institute for Corporate and Public Safety (ICPS), a department of NorthWest Arkansas Community College, is a comprehensive education, training, and research institute tasked with preparing both the public and private sectors regarding methodologies and best practices for a crisis event. A crisis event covers the entire gambit of mass casualty events such as an act of terrorism, a natural disaster, or a biological pandemic. It is the belief of ICPS that it is essential for communities to pre-plan for crisis events to mitigate the effects, lessening the long-term effects on the community. This can only be done through collaboration of both the public and private sectors, utilizing all available resources.  

ICPS Goal:

To bridge the training gap between private security and public safety sectors, while enhancing safety and addressing America's rural preparedness challenges.

ICPS Strategies:

1) To provide essential training to the public and private sectors utilizing current online and instructor-led courses free to participants.

2) To enhance the knowledge-base of course participants through continuous review of relevant literature and through meetings and discussions with first responder and preparedness professionals currently employed in various departments at NorthWest Arkansas Community College (Fire Sciences, Emergency Medical Services, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security/Emergency Management).

3) To fill research gaps within the literature of homeland security, community preparedness, business continuity, and crisis intervention and mitigation through articles and publications in academic and professional journals and other publications.

4) To support the academic efforts of the newly approved Associate of Applied Science in Homeland Security/Emergency Management degree program at NorthWest Arkansas Community College through advisement of curriculum and updates regarding advances in preparedness technologies and methodologies.