2017-18 Senators



Adjunct Senators

Katherine Auld
Ashleigh Davis
First and foremost, I am a lover of all things language. In 2006, I completed my graduate studies in English Composition & Rhetoric with emphasis in Linguistics and Discourse Analysis, and I have been teaching English Composition ever since. I cringe when people tell me they are "bad at English" because language is much more complex and nuanced than a simple set of rules. My approach to teaching, thus, recognizes this complexity and highlights the subtleties of language use, with the aim of helping students understand writing as a critical component of socially constructed meaning. I also love a good movie that no one else gets, roots reggae music, and snowboarding in Colorado. I am honored to serve as an Adjunct Senator—to offer my aid in our mission of providing students with the best college experience possible and to serve the adjunct community by facilitating communication between adjuncts and full-time faculty, ensuring our needs and concerns are heard.
Vicki Hodges
Vicki Hodges has served as an adjunct English instructor at NWACC since obtaining her Master's at the University of Arkansas in May of 1999, teaching at various locations in Northwest Arkansas, including Lincoln High School, Har-ber School of Nursing, the Washington County Sheriff's Department, and currently online. With Bachelor's degrees in Spanish and Social Work, Vicki has taught high school Spanish, plus has worked with populations from abused/neglected children to the elderly residents in nursing homes. She maintains her license in Social Work, a degree helpful in her efforts to empower NWACC's developmental writing students in her face-to-face classes. She also works with high school students (low-income, first-generation college students) through Upward Bound at the U of A in the summer and on weekends during the school year. She works as an online academic coach through Instructional Connections, enjoys freelance writing, tutors online, and completes occasional editing projects. Vicki has had a variety of jobs in the fields of teaching and social work, but she feels she has found her niche at NWACC working with students to reach their full potential.
Matthew Sudduth

At-Large Senators

April Brown
Jennifer Cook
Nese Nemec
I, Professor Denise Nemec, am an Arkansawyer from birth. I came to northwest Arkansas in the late '70s for graduate school at UAF and never left. Here at NWACC, I teach composition and journalism classes, work in the Writing Center, advise the student newspaper, and try to do my part on committees and for students. I began teaching full time in fall 1998 after three semesters of part time work, and it's been an interesting, challenging, and fun journey! I feel blessed to work at a solid school with superior faculty, staff, and administrators. Most folks call me by my nickname Nese, which is pronounced KNEE-see. I am proud to serve as the Communication and Arts Division senator and plan to represent those faculty and any others who ask to the best of my abilities.
Barbara Rademacher
Ed Rogers
I am an ESL instructor in the Adult Education Division. I earned my BA from the University of Kansas and my MA from National University (San Diego). I have worked at NWACC for 8 years.
Rebecca Webb

Division Senators

Sandra Linn
Business & Computers
Megan Looney
Communication & Arts
Rebecca Schneringer
Health Professions
Gary Bender
Kevin Weakley
Social/Behavioral Sciences


Cathy McAuliffe
Carl Collier
Vice President
Carey Chaney
I began my community college career in Texas in 1982 and joined the NWACC faculty in 1991. I primarily teach Human Anatomy and Physiology as well as Microbiology to students seeking to enter health professions programs. In addition to teaching, I have served in a number of administrative roles including Learning Assessment Coordinator, Science Department Chair and Interim Associate Dean. I helped organize an informal faculty association in 1995 and participated in its evolution into the Faculty Senate. I look forward to working together to cultivate student success.