Faculty Handbook

Faculty Governance

Senate Constitution

Senate By Laws

Faculty Employment & Duties

Job Description - Full-time Faculty

Job Description - Associate Faculty

Faculty Evaluations



Form A - Faculty Performance Review Form

Form B - Learner Evaluation of Faculty Performance Questionnaire

Form C - Classroom Observation Form

Form D - Faculty Improvement Plan

Form E - Faculty Performance Review Summary

Form F - Adjunct Faculty Performance Review Summary

Faculty Development

Faculty Development Home

Faculty Development Committee

Faculty Development Funding Process

Faculty Professional Development Funding Application

Funding Frequently Asked Questions

Compensation and Benefits


Faculty Pay Scales

New Hire (Placement on Pay Scale) - Policy

New Hire (Placement on Pay Scale) - Procedures


Bereavement Leave 

Family and Medical Leave Act - Policy

Family and Medical Leave Act - Procedures

Jury Duty

Military Leave

Worker's Compensation - Policy

Worker's Compensation - Procedures 

General Administrative Policies Related to Faculty

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Employee Code of Conduct and Ethics Compliance

Faculty Rank

Employee Absenteeism - Policy

Employee Absenteeism Procedures - Procedures

Equal Employment Opportunity

Ethics Reporting Hotline

Harassment and Discrimination - Policy

Harassment and Discrimination - Procedures

Keys Authorization and Distribution

Keys Authorization and Distribution Procedures

Key Issue Form

New/Replacement Key Request Form

Non-discrimination Statement

Parking Guidelines

Parking Policies

Parking Violation Appeal Form

Peer to Peer File Sharing & Copyright Infringement Policy

Tablet PC Devices

Technology Acceptable Use

Travel Regulations - State of Arkansas

Professional Travel Request

TR-1 Reimbursement Form

Separation of Employment

Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)

Classroom Guidelines and Procedures

Administrative Drop by Census Reporting Date

Behavioral Review Team

Disability Services

Family Education Rights and Privacy (FERPA) Policy



Student Code of Conduct

Student Conduct Violations

Actions and Violations Deemed Student Conduct Violations

Due Process and Student Conduct Violations Procedures

Student Conduct Violations Online Reporting Form


Disability Resource Center

Distance Learning


Reading Center

Testing Center

Writing Center

Appendix A - Forms

Business Card Order Form

Name Tag Order Form

Material Under Review

Archived Master Policy Manual (archived)


Grievance Polices, Contract Renewal/Non-Renewal, Discipline/Dismissal of Faculty

Faculty Resources

Emergency Procedures