Faculty Workshops 

Upcoming Workshops
A Faculty Development and Title III Collaboration
Prezi: Uncharted Territory!
Facilitator: Jacqueline Jones, English Faculty
There are three opportunities to take this workshop.
Date:                                  Time:                           Place:
February 13, 2014                 1:00-2:00 p.m.                 SCWT C209
March 3, 2014                       1:30-2:30 p.m.                 SCWT C209
  April 8, 2014                          1:00-2:00 p.m.                 SCWT C210  
Session Description:
Tired of PowerPoint or Word documents to deliver content? Try Prezi! A prezi is a cloud-based tool designed to breathe life back into presentations. Come learn the various uses of this dynamic software and the rationale behind exploring this uncharted territory. Please bring instructional content to work on during the workshop.
SMART Board Usage and Best Practices Workshops
Session I: SMART Board Usage in the Higher Ed Classroom
Date: Thursday, February 27, 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Place: NWACC Library Computer Lab
Who should attend: Anyone who has recently received a SMART Board or existing SMART Board users who have not used SMART Notebook as their lesson platform
During this session, participants will:
  • Learn the basics of SMART Board Usage as an interactive teaching tool;
  • Learn the basics of SMART Notebook collaborative software;
  • Receive and overview of interactive and collaborative tools available to SMART Board users;
  • How to incorporate previously composed lesson plans into the SMART Notebook platform to generate a more interactive and collaborative experience for students. 
Session II: Best Practices in Interactive and Collaborative Learning
Date: Friday, February 28, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon
Place: NWACC Library Computer Lab
Who should attend: Everyone! Even if you do not have a SMART interactive product, SMART offers software solutions that can make your course content more collaborative.
During this session, participants will:
  • Learn the best practices in interactive lesson content creation;
  • Learn how to incorporate the interactive and collaborative features in SMART Notebook to create engaging content;
  • Learn how to use SMART software as a collaborative project-based platform to easily disseminate information and assignments to students in a cloud environment.
NOTE: Participants should have a previously constructed lesson available in a cloud drive or USB drive to use as a foundation to build a SMART Notebook lesson. Participants are also encouraged to bring iPads, Tablets, or any other Wi-Fi enabled device to participate in collaborative activities.
Robin Slunder is an Education Consultant for Video Reality, the Arkansas Reseller of SMART Technologies. Robin’s education career began as a Graduate TA at Western Kentucky University. After her time at WKU, she began a career in software management and training with a proprietary software company in Louisville, KY. In 2010, she returned to the education field as a software specialist for the Cabot district. With over 20 years of software management, integration and training experience Robin joined the Video Reality team in 2013, and enjoys traveling the state to train SMART users at all educational levels.