Funding Process

Faculty Professional Development Award Categories, Funding Criteria, and Funding Process.  Please read the categories, criteria, and process.  If you have additional questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Funding Frequently Asked Questions

Award Categories:
The following award categories are more general than specific.  The “funded activities” are examples intended to provide guidance for the type of development activities associated with advancing faculty in their scholarship, knowledge of effective teaching/learning practices, expertise in a career field relevant to their teaching, and major institutional initiatives affecting the learning environment. The faculty development committee may need to revise existing award amount standards and add new awards according to the revised budget. There are three types of awards: individual, group, and college or institutional. See fundable activities here.

Funding Criteria:
Faculty as professional learning facilitators must continually develop four documented and benchmarked domains of quality learning-centered teaching to ensure optimal student learning.  These domains include preparing for learning, creating the ideal classroom environment, facilitating instruction, and continually developing as professional educators. A balance of professional development opportunities/activities developing facilitation knowledge and skills using these domains is essential to provide and support student learning. Please review the “Menu of Options” when seeking professional development make sure it supports criteria found in this document.  Use the “Menu of Options” when answering questions in the faculty professional development funding application. Please note that many topics overlap into more than one domain (ex.: active learning, assessment, communication, motivation, and technology).

Funding Process:
The following is the faculty professional development funding process:
1.    Complete a faculty professional development funding application with all required signatures and turn into the faculty professional development coordinator, BH 2237.
2.    The faculty professional development coordinator will review the application for eligibility and completeness and forward on to the faculty development committee.
3.    The committee reviews the application and can either:
        a.    Ask for clarifying information or
        b.    Recommend/Not recommend for approval.
4.    The Senior Vice-President for Learning and Provost reviews the application and can either:
        a.    Ask for additional information or
        b.    Approve/not approve the funding application.
5.    The faculty professional development coordinator notifies the applicant(s) of the decision and their next steps.

Faculty Professional Development Funding Application