Funding Frequently Asked Questions  


1. Go to and click on the "FUNDING" link on the left side of the page. Be sure to thoroughly read and follow all the directions on the webpage and application.
2. The faculty development committee meets the morning of the fourth Friday each month
to discuss and make recommendations on funding applications. Since the committee meets once a month and in order to allow for the full process to proceed smoothly (including the purchasing process/travel accommodations), applications should be submitted eight weeks in advance of the event for your supervisor's and dean's approval.
3. Any full-time faculty member who has successfully completed their first performance review is eligible. HR defines and supplies a list of eligible faculty who fall under full-time status to the committee.
4. No. The committee only makes a recommendation to the VP for Learning & Provost. The VP for Learning & Provost makes the final decision.
5. The committee views professional development as a vital and necessary component to growing and improving in our work and will seek ways to fund all legitimate requests in an ethical manner.
6. There is not a limit to the number of conferences a faculty member may attend each year; however, there is a financial cap of $2,000.00 a year per applicant. In order to serve as many faculty as possible, faculty are always encouraged to seek other financial sources for faculty development (grants, department discretionary funds, etc.).
7. No. You must apply for each conference/professional development event separately.
8. Yes, if it is content-specific to their field or a general teaching workshop on learning-centered best practices. Faculty development will not pay for extra ticketed events such as conference excursions to local attractions or social events (receptions, dinners, etc.).
9. Yes. However, the faculty development committee strongly recommends to the deans to carefully consider the department's/division's need when signing off on applications from multiple faculty for a single professional development event.
10. You may drive your own personal vehicle to conferences/workshops; however, faculty development will not reimburse mileage. The committee recommends that if an event is within driving distance, applicants seek use of a state car or use a rental car. (If a rental car needs to be booked, the college will book it for you.)
11. No. Approval of applications is based upon a variety of factors, and funding year to year is not guaranteed. If there is a conference you must attend to retain a certification or to keep abreast of specific program updates, you should request that your department chair and dean plan for your attendance in their budget.
12. No. One-time institutional awards will not be subject to the $2,000 limit. A detailed breakdown of expenses will be required in the funding application for an institutional award and awards will be subject to funds availability.
13. Consideration will be given to funding applications requesting attendance at an international development event; however, the yearly funding cap is $2,000.00 and other funding sources will need to be secured.
14. Yes. The committee tries to be reasonable and understands that circumstances may vary with each application. It is possible that we may fashion a recommendation that meets the applicant's needs.
Prepared by the Faculty Development Committee