Faculty Development Committee

The role of the Faculty Development Committee is to lead the college’s efforts in further advancing the professional development of all full-time NWACC faculty to regularly review and recommend applications for development activities to the Vice President for Learning throughout the fiscal year, and to annually recommend ongoing improvements to the policies and procedures of faculty development.

Major Responsibilities:
1.    Meet monthly or as needed to review and recommend applications for development activities.
2.    Under the direction of the Committee Chair and in collaboration with the Faculty Development Coordinator,
       monitor the faculty development budget to assure fiscal responsibility and to achieve maximum efficiency
        of available funds.
3.    To monitor the effectiveness of faculty development policies and procedures and to recommend
       any necessary revision/improvements.
4.    To solicit faculty participation and application for development and training opportunities.
5.    To annually administer the process for faculty development.

Alignment with College ENDS:
The College’s “Ends” refers to the major constituent groups served by the NWACC Board of Trustees as a policy governance board.  The five constituent groups are the following: College Community (all employees), Owner Community (area citizens and taxpayers), K-16 Community (area educational providers and partners), and Business Community, and the Learning Community (students).

Faculty Development initiatives are aimed at providing faculty (primary) and staff directly supporting the learning process (secondary) with opportunities to acquire additional knowledge of affective teaching methodologies, and their ability to improve student learning. The constituent groups (Ends) served by the College’s faculty development efforts are the College Community (specifically faculty) and the Learning Community (students).

Current Committee Membership (2013-2014):
Ex-Officio: Jo Schwader, Faculty Professional Development Coordinator
Chair: Deirdre Slavik, Social & Behavioral Sciences
Steve Cooper, Communication and Arts
Michelle Frazier, Health Professions
Jeremy Gammill, Business & Computer Information
Paul Lowrey, Mathematics & Science
Jerry Vervack, Dean