Dean of Science & Math EMPACTS Program Coordinator

Marvin Galloway, Ph.D.
BH 1440


EMPACTS Program Facilitators

C. Dianne Phillips, Program Facilitator
479-619-2242 (lab)
479-313-7737 (cell)
BH 2455
Gary Bender, Program Co-Facilitator for Math & Engineering EMPACTS Courses
479-619-2242 (lab)
479-936-5158 (office)
BH 2455



Northwest Arkansas Community College – Bentonville, Arkansas

EMPACTS (Educationally Managed Projects Advancing Curriculum, Technology/Teamwork, and Service) is an adult level,  college curricular adaptation of a successful K-12 pedagogical model called the EAST Initiative.  

The EMPACTS Learning Model transforms learners into innovative, productive leaders, who make meaningful contributions to the community, while deepening their learning of course content.

This process promotes meaningful learning experiences, as teams of students use technology to solve community, content-based problems.   Adult Learners gain an enhanced learning of the curriculum, while increasing self-esteem, confidence and motivation, and awareness of their role in serving their community.  EMPACTS students develop personal and professional skills that increase their potential to achieve success in the workplace. 

EMPACTS faculty partner with learners and the community as they implement service learning projects with a curricular focus.    

EAST students, who are looking for an EAST experience beyond high school, should consider the EAST/EMPACTS program at Northwest Arkansas Community College.  We have had eight years of successful student directed projects and have opportunities for scholarships, service as EMPACTS Tech Corp students and growth as individuals preparing for a four-year college or the work force. 

For more information contact the EAST/EMPACTS Facilitator
 C. Dianne Phillips, Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics, 479-619-4159