Faculty and Staff


Staff Photo
Dr. Jerry Vervack
Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Burns Hall 1430
Ashley May
Administrative Assistant
Burns Hall 1429
Christina Miller
Administrative Assistant
Burns Hall 2211

Social Science Faculty

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Greg Kiser
Department Chair, U.S. History
Burns Hall 2218
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Gene Vinzant
Subject Coordinator, U.S. History
Burns Hall 1431
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April Brown
U.S. History
Burns Hall 2224
Staff Photo
Jami Forrester
U.S. History, Arkansas History Day - District 10 Coordinator
Burns Hall 2217
Sevin Gallo
World Civilizations
Burns Hall 2225
Michael Johnson
Western and World Civilizations
BH 1429
Staff Photo
Tom Herrnstein
Burns Hall 2216
Don Merrell
BH 2311
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Chris Huggard
U.S. History, Service Learning Coordinator
Burns Hall 2219
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Wilbert Karigomba
Burns Hall 2223
Kevin Weakley
BH 2226
Matt Evans
Political Science
BH 2227
Staff Photo
Doug Krueger
Burns Hall 1427

Behavioral Science Faculty

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Deirdre Slavik
Department Chair, Psychology
Burns Hall 2204
Dr. Deirdre Slavik has been an enthusiastic member of the NWACC Behavioral Sciences faculty since 2004. She has a doctorate in experimental psychology with research interests in social cognition and motivational theory. Dr. Slavik currently serves as the department chair of the Behavioral Sciences department overseeing Anthropology, Social Work, Sociology, and Psychology. When not teaching General Psychology or Human Growth & Development, Dr. Slavik spends her time contemplating the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse, reading horribly depressing dystopian fiction, and consuming excessive amounts of diet soda. She lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband, three small children, and two dogs.
Staff Photo
Erin Wirth-Beaumont
Burns Hall 2227
Dr. Erin Wirth-Beaumont is a social/political psychologist. She returned home to Arkansas in 2012 to become a member of NWACC's psychology faculty, teaching General Psychology and Statistics and serving as the Behavioral Sciences Coordinator. Additionally, she is an adjunct faculty member at Angelo State University's Center for Security Studies and a consultant for various government entities. Previously she served as a senior intelligence officer in the Defense Intelligence Agency, and was the standard bearer for Human Factors analysis and methodologies in the U.S. Defense Enterprise. During her government service, she led multiple international working groups on techniques for applying social science methods to intelligence problems, and led a research team which was an internationally recognized expert in developing and applying intelligence-relevant social network analyses. She has research and teaching interests in novel analytic methods, leadership decision making, information operations, and antecedents to political violence. She lives in Bentonville with her husband, Christopher, and young son, Hayes.
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Diana Nagel
Burns Hall 2209
Dr. Diana Nagel earned a BA in Philosophy, 1977 from Stanford University, CA; a MA in Counseling Psychology, 1981 from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA; and a PhD in Counseling Psychology, 1998 from University of Maryland. Her work experience includes sixteen years experience as a career counselor for both non-profit and university settings and Assistant Director for Career Counseling at the University of Pennsylvania. She started at NWACC as an adjunct faculty member and has been part of the full-time faculty since Fall 1997. She has taken on many roles at the college over the years, such as Department Chair, personal counselor in Learner Services, founding president of the Faculty Senate, 2004-2006, Faculty Senate president for 2013-2014, and College Assessment Coordinator in charge of student learning assessment 2006 - 2013. Most her work has focused on helping students to be successful. She says "it is a great pleasure to see students start at NWACC, then go on to a career or further education. I feel honored to help students open doors that lead to a brighter future."
Lenora Clouse
BH 2214
Staff Photo
Yanick St Jean
Burns Hall 2210
Dr. St. Jean was a Fulbright Scholar from 2006-2008 in Benin, West Africa. She earned a Ph.D. in 1992 in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin; an M.A. in 1984 in Sociology from the University of Texas at El Paso; and a B.A. in 1982 in Sociology from the University of Texas at El Paso. She is fluent in English, French,and Haitian Creole, and has taught various Sociology courses at NWACC since 2009.
Janet Dodd
BH 2225
Staff Photo
Karen Tinker-Walker
Burns Hall 2205
Dr. Tinker-Walker's universities attended and degrees include: Diplom Ingenieurin (I) der Architektur, 1988 at GhK—University, Kassel, Germany; BA in Psychology, 1992 at University of Arkansas at Little Rock; MA in Applied Psychology, 1997 at University of Arkansas at Little Rock; PhD in Organizational Psychology, 2004 at Capella University, Minneapolis, MA. Her work experience includes: Graduate Teaching Assistant, 1992 – 1993; Research Assistant,1993-1994, assisted with advising, conducted focus groups and research in environmental psychology at the Donaghey Project--Urban Studies and Design in Little Rock, AR; Work Program Supervisor and Marketing Specialist, 1994 – 1997 at the Department of Human Services in Fayetteville, AR; Part-time Instructor,1998 – 2004 at NWACC and Webster University at Fayetteville, AR; Assistant Professor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Advisor to the Psychology Department 2004 – 2007 and acting Director of I/O Psychology program for one semester at Emporia State University, Kansas; Teaching at NWACC since 2007. I feel fortunate to be at NWACC and grateful for the opportunity I had to serve as adjunct faculty representative, particularly on the Leadership Council and Faculty Council for over 5 years as part-time instructor and then receiving support to conduct an adjunct faculty survey at NWACC that led to my doctoral research project on adjunct faculty of Arkansas colleges. I love teaching at NWACC and living here in northwest Arkansas. It is like a dream come true. As a child, I wanted to be a dancer, a doctor, a teacher, among some of the dreams of mine. I have become all of these, whereby my dancing remained a hobby, my doctorate is in psychology, and I am facilitating learning to adults of all ages. I like to bring across my insights and experiences, give students guidance to their careers and life, and assisting them reaching their potentials.

Legal and Protective Services Faculty

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Jerry Rose
CMJS Coordinator, Criminal Justice
Burns Hall 1423
Mary Lowe
Paralegal Coordinator
Burns Hall 1421

Education and Wellness Faculty

Bill Mandress
Early Childhood Development Education Coordinator
Staff Photo
John Luedtke
Health & Physical Education Coordinator
Burns Hall 1432
Staff Photo
AJ Shirey
Teacher Education Coordinator
Burns Hall 2305
Staff Photo
Gloria Mallow
English for Bilingual Students, ENGB Coordinator
Burns Hall 2233